about us

I'm Meg. He's Joe. We're the Piercy's and we live in Chicago. We keep this blog to keep track of our fast moving lives, the projects we attempt and the memories we make! We got married in 2009 and realized it is in both of our blood that we are unable to buy anything full price, it has to be either heavily discounted or free. Some may call that cheap, I prefer what my mom calls us, "thrifty." That is how we got started on projects. Can't afford it...why not make it! Some successes and some horrible failures! 

So...we have lived in our apartment for two and half years now and although we rent, we try to make it feel like home. We will give lots of tips about how to make a rental feel like home for all of you home owner wanna-be's like us. 

Then there is the sewing. Who wants boring store bought baby stuff when you can make it super fun and unique. So, out of my desire for fun stuff for me and my little man, I have started an etsy shop. Check it out!

Here is our best DIY project were ever made. His name is Wells and we love him. He was born in April of 2012 and we just cherish each day as we watch him grow and change. Watch him grow with us on this blog.

Meet Jack Jack. Joe and I were out to dinner one night and came home with Jack Jack. To say we are impulsive is an understatement, but we love him and are glad we did...except when he thinks underneath our dining room table is a pee pad! Arghh!!

A few more things about me:

* I love Jesus
* My family means more to me than just about anything
* I love traveling to places off the beaten path
* My 50mm makes me happy
* I want to be half the mom to Wells as mine was to me
* I bleed red and blue for the KU Jayhawks (rock chalk!)
* I love Chicago and am obsessed with Lake Shore Drive

So that is about it for me! You will find out a lot (maybe too much!) about my life, my loves and my pursuit for craftiness on this blog! Enjoy!