Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I know it is Halloween, but to be honest, it is tough to celebrate when there are so many whose lives have been changed forever. 

By no means did our place get hit nearly as bad as many others on the East Coast, but it still had lots of damage. 

Our family settled in the US on the East Coast and we have had a little cottage in CT for like ever. We go there in the summers with all of the rest of the family and have a blast on the ocean.

Here is our dock yesterday before the storm hit:

Here is under our porch:

Here is a tree down:

Nothing like what they are seeing in NY and NJ, like these photos though. They just break me apart, so sad. 

May God draw near all of those affected by this terrible natural disaster. Bring them close to you and comfort them as only you can do!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All in a weeks work

Here are a few projects we finished last week :)

Beautiful dresser we sold to a cute couple as a baby changing table for their nursery!

Such a cute little side table that we posted to Craigslist today!

Perfect little dresser!

We didn't end up painting this because it was already in great shape. Already sold!

Another beaut!

All done last week, busy little bees at this house :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Arm Chair Recover tutorial

Hey there friends! I am so sorry I disappeared on you for a week. I have many reasons, but I won't go into them except to tell you I was really busy!

Anyway, one of the things we did last week was spend the night at our Aunt Carol's. She is amazing and her hubby is too. They are one of our closest friends. She doesn't blog all that often, but you can check out her amazing stuff at Redeemed Vintage. She has a sale this weekend if you wanna check it out (more info on her blog). You won't be disappointed with the stuff or her prices. Here are a few pictures of the sale:

She is really into re-purposing furniture too as you can tell and had a lot to get done before the sale and so we helped her with a few of the projects. 

Here is one of the chairs before. It is Drexel Heritage and unbelievable. It was pretty beforehand, but look at what we did...

First we removed the fabric and painted the chairs Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Coco color.

Then we waxed the chairs...

We used this wax below. It leaves a little white residue when it dries and looks super cool. You'd be better off to use one that dries transparent on some pieces or on tops of dressers, but this is great to add character to these chairs.

Leave the wax on for a few moments and then remove with steel wool. Don't press too hard or the paint will come off. If a little paint comes off, don't worry, looks cooler that way :) It is kinda like jeans with holes or worn areas of them. The more there are the more expensive they become.

Then we took the fabric from the original chair and traced it out and cut it out from the fabric we wanted.

Here they are cut out.

Place it in the right place.

Then we used a simple upholstery stapler to attach it.

Then put gimp around the chair to cover the staples.

We used fabric tacky glue like the one below...

Here's an action Shot. Don't worry the glue dries clear.

The brass brads make it look awesome and help keep everything in place.

We put them every six loops in the pattern on the gimp.

Here is the before and after. What are your thoughts?

Ok, and here is chair she already has done that I am borderline OBSESSED with. I love it, all of it. Oh and it has grey and white zebra on back! Really needing one of those footstools too. AHHmazing!

So I am back and ready to have fun. Stay tuned for some more funness :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Design Love Friday!

It's a smorgus (sp?) board today! Enjoy :)

Have a fabulous weekend :)