Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wells Photo Wednesday + Clean House

This is an old photo but has to be featured, because is makes me smile every time I see it. What a babe!


Why this crazy cleaning frenzy. Here's some history. 

I grew up in a insanely clean house. Not like a bad, you can't touch anything or you get in trouble type of place, but a place that was always clean. My entire family-minus me- is very organized, borderline OCD. Some not so borderline :) To explain how I differ from my family, take the following story. My mom used to tell me that anything left on my floor at night would be donated to kids who needed it. So, I just put it in my bed and slept with it. My sister was nice an neat and my brother and dad too, but not me. Easier to throw it in bed than put it away. Creative - yes. Bad habit started at a young age - yes, yes.

Sadly, that trait has carried on to adulthood. My countertops and floor are clean, but the drawers and everything unseen ...well, not so much. Clean on the outside, on the inside dirty! Then I got to thinking. Jesus wants us to be clean on the inside. He looks at the heart, not at the outside. So I am taking what I, as a person, should be like and am going to translate that to my living space. Look at the outside of this dresser and then look at the inside. Point made right here! Really?!?!?! Dog treats, a lighter, tape, cards and on and on and on things that don't go together in a drawer!

Advantages and disadvantages regarding this project:

1. I have the training on how to be organized. My whole upbringing trained me for this day.
2. I don't get attached to stuff so it won't be too difficult letting stuff go.
3. I have thousands of items, so what is 300 in the grand scheme of things.
4. The hubby is on board.
5. I know where to get fun stuff to replace the old...oops, not the point of de-cluttering.
6. I can make money by selling some of it
7. The other things I can give to people who I know need it and that makes me happy.

1. Time consuming

So the advantages of this project far outweigh the disadvantages so here we go. Here's to getting rid of 300 items before I leave next Thursday for Kansas City. I'll take pics along the way and show you what I got rid of.  Wish me luck!

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