Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A third of the way to one...how did time go so darn fast!

I LOVE this outfit and put him in it at least twice a week. Unfortunately, it is now too small. So, last Friday I put him in the outfit intending to take the 4 month picture and he pooped all over it. Then Sunday I put him in it and he pooped all over it. Then, yesterday I put him in it and he wouldn't stretch out his legs or take his hands out of his mouth. That is what you get with a 4 month old I guess. This is a very accurate photo of what he does all day with his hands :)

Weight: 16 lbs.
Height: 25.25 in.
Milestone: He is sitting up with just a little bit of help now. He is talking all the time and giggles at everything.
Favorite things: his blankets and his tongue, everything in the mouth (especially his hands)! He also loves his Red Car Jumper and I love it too!
My thoughts: I cannot believe he is already 4 months old. It blows my mind how fast time goes. Everyone tells you that when you're pregnant, but you don't realize it until they are here. I want to cherish every minute of his infancy, but it just goes so fast! Then, yesterday I was reading the Bible and how God wants us to come to his as children and how special children are in the kingdom of God and I read the verse in a totally new way. I have this child who is utterly and completely dependent on me. He couldn't survive without me. Then, I realize that is how God wants us to come to Him. Oh God, help me to be completely dependent on you for everything. I am sorry for trying to do things on my own. Thank you for sending this precious life to teach me so much about your love and grace.

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