Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wow...I am a lame it goes for a catch up!

Yikes...has time really gone by that fast. I am going to try my best to catch yall up on the life of Meg, Joe and Jack in pics. It's been a fun ride the past few months :)

We traveled to KC for Mindy and Rich's beautiful wedding

We went to Connecticut to celebrate my dad's 60th bday

We went bowling with some By The Hand kids at the Take A Child By The Hand Bowl-A-thon

We helped our church cheer the thousands and thousands of runners at the Chicago marathon

We celebrated our one year anniversary!!! Yeah, we made it!

It truly amazes me at how each year the time goes by faster. I am so sorry I have been so bad at blogging and I promise, well actually I will try really hard, to be better about keeping you up to date on our hectic, yet wonderful lives!