Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I feel like I got shot in both butt cheeks!

It was a great great weekend. My sister Katie and I have started the tradition of running the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon each year in Chicago. Last year it was more of a run than this year. This year is was more of a Ralk (that is Run/Walk), well more walk. Let's just say getting in shape before the wedding helped me last year. THis year, having not worked out in like 6 months left me unable to move for a few days. As my co-worker said on Monday, "did you ride a horse yesterday, why are you wobbling?"

However, determined not to let my soreness get in the way of having a good time with my family, I went into denial about the pain and we took Jay man, my mom and sister to the Lincoln Park zoo. It is such a fun zoo and better yet it is free. My favorite this time was the male chimpanzee that was scratching itself with a stick the whole time. Needless to say Jeremiah thought it was very funny. Here they are in front of the zebras.

I had to take my family to see the bike that I really want. Has anyone ridden the bike that can be total bike but also has an engine and can go 25 miles an hour. It is the coolest thing ever. Here is my mom riding it. She now wants one herself. So cool!

The rest of the weekend we hung out and had lots of family time. They even helped me finish Joe's birthday present. It was such fun because the weekend before Joe's parents helped me work on it, then I worked on it during the week and my family helped me finish it. All three families brought together :) Joe was soooo suprised and absolutely loves it!!!! Wahoo!

Then, Monday evening it was great to have my hubby back in my arms and safe and sound. He is never allowed to leave for that long again....unless he takes me :)